Who Knew I Could Sew Furniture?

If it’s not apparent, I waited to start this blog until I had a few projects ready to post. I am NOT cracking things out quite as fast as it may seem. I made this project a couple of weeks ago, and was surprised how simple it was!

My husband and I bought our first home at this time last year, and one of the spare bedrooms was designated my craft room. I didn’t furnish it until the holidays, and even then I wasn’t spending time in there. I had a malfunctioning sewing machine, and I didn’t have anywhere comfy to sit for crocheting. What I was missing was somewhere to recline and put my feet up. Crocheting at my sewing table would not be cozy. My hunt for an ottoman began. I wanted something that was small and would compliment my handcrafted style in tones of teal/pink. I’m not specific or anything, am I?

As I became frustrated and sad at my missing ottoman, my friend Kathy sent me this pattern. Ok, I don’t have kids who need floor cushions. But I sure could re-purpose the concept as a smooshy ottoman! I was worried about taking on a task that involved sewing circular, using piping, and sewing something more three dimensional than a blanket. I can’t lie and say I didn’t lay awake working the concept over in my mind before heading to the store.

Luckily, I found the perfect fabric for the most “Lauren” themed ottoman. Teal birds. To which I could add pink piping. I LOVE birds on anything.



I didn’t think to photograph my process – sorry. Basically, I threw something perfectly circular down on my fabric and cut two circles. I then cut long strips of fabric and followed the tutorial I had bookmarked. The piping was surprisingly easy, even when sewing the final pieces together. The only hard part for me was stuffing it. I made this larger than the tutorial, so I felt like I just kept stuffing. And stuffing. Keeping the ottoman from looking lumpy definitely took some finessing. Once I sewed it closed and added it to my craft room though, I loved it. It fits perfectly with my style, and is super squishy and cozy. I do my blogging, reading, and crocheting sitting in this corner. I have to make on for my friend who sent me the pattern!

Smooshy Comfort

Fits Perfectly

My Happy Corner



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