A New Mommy and Some Fresh Projects

Wow. Just plain wow. Hi there, after being inactive for over a year. Since I last logged on, I was promoted to Registrar at work. As luck would have it, that same week I found myself pregnant with my first child.  I had been trying for the baby, and the job was a cherry on top. I became web silent as I grew my babe, waiting for that terrifying first trimester to end before I would announce anything. By the time I announced, I was so busy with work and prepping for the babe, that my little sewing blog fell by the wayside. So with that giant bit of news out of the way, let’s play catch up on all the fantastic things I’ve made for my son. He will be six months next week, so it’s time I find my way back to my old self, which includes blogging about my creations! Grab some coffee and sit back – I have so much to share!


Since I was planning my babe, I actually bought a mountain of fabric for my nursery. Mostly my husband and I were planning on Dr. Suess, but the adorable baby fabrics of Curious George and Winnie The Pooh called to me. Once we found out we were having a boy, I had trouble not stocking TONS of boy-ish fabrics in my sewing arsenal. Before I knew it, my son had a pile of things ready and waiting. A Dr. Suess quilt, a teddy bear, crinkle taggy paper, blocks, a sleeping bag, and mountains of drool bibs. You’ll see that as always, my cats were there to help.

One item that I made was really special to me. I sewed a full coverage nursing shawl, with all the hopes and aspirations of being a breast-feeding mom. Yes, I used my cats to size it. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way, and my son never cuddled under this. I keep thinking I should give it to a family member, but I can’t bring myself to part with this. There were  too many hopes sewed right into this garment that I can’t give it away.


As I shopped for my son, I kept thinking to myself, “I can make that.” This really kicked up with the car seat. He has a custom mommy made toy rack, canopy, and blanket. He also has some mommy-made strap covers because I grew tired of washing drool off the straps! The car seat blankets that I made are some of my favorite things.  They have ties on the sides (shoelaces!) so that my son can’t kick the blanket off, or pull it up over his face. My kid has the coolest car seat on the block.


I think that wraps up the things I made before my son arrived. Once he was here, there was wave of “oh my gosh he needs this thing immediately or life won’t be right!” This included a Toothless dragon costume and a crocheted Thor costume. A kid can never have too many things for Halloween, right? He also needed homemade sleep sacks and a poncho for baby-wearing. And of course, now that it is winter, he needs a crocheted beard. To keep his face warm. Duh.

Now that everything is caught up, both with sewing and blogging, I am working on a rag quilt. I’m taking the left overs from all of my projects and turning them into a turtle. I have to say, I like rag quilting so much more than regular quilting. The pieces are smaller, and I won’t have to fit the entire thing on my table and sew giant zig zags. Please note, I get my kid to sleep cuddled into the Costco bear so that I can sew while he naps! And of course there is still a cat in the way. Always. Every time.

I am so excited to share more projects as I get back into the swing of real life. First the completed rag turtle, then maybe some clothes. Stuff for my husband for sure. Maybe someday something for me. It’s certainly been an adventure while I’ve been offline. I hope you’ve enjoyed my year’s worth of stuff shoved into one post!



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