Baby Headbands

Authors Note:

So far I’ve dedicated my blog to sewing. In addition to my sewing, my first loves are knitting and crocheting. That’s my joy. I can do it while watching TV, in the car (as a passenger), on breaks at work… I had a blog before where I frequently wrote about my hobbies. Since closing that blog, I want to start migrating some of my posts over here to re-share. This is one of my favorites – not because the project is a hard one, but because it is SO CUTE! The funny part is that apparently I’ve always struggled with kids sizes….

Original Post:

One of my girlfriends asked me to make baby headbands for her daughter through my Etsy shop (update – I closed this shop!).  I understand nothing of children.  Their sizes are foreign to me.  I didn’t know if I should buy headbands and make stuff to put on them, or attempt to make one entirely myself.  Well luckily I found photos of crochet baby headbands online, along with a baby headband size chart.  Unsure of what yarn would really do on a baby’s head, I had my friend measure her daughter’s head and started from there.  I sent her a sample headband to the exact size of her daughter’s head.  From there we figured to downsize just slightly so the band would be just a tiny bit tighter.  For her 19″  head, I created an 18″ band that is very stretchy.Baby Spider Headband

Once we had the headband part down, I scoured the internet for the perfect flowers to crochet.  The first one that I made to attach to the sample headband was a little pathetic.  I think it was supposed to be a daisy, but poor baby just looks like she has a pink spider on her head. I decided to go with a more rose looking design for this first “official” headband.  I made this one fancy to make up for the spider looking one.

Baby With Rose

Author’s Note:

After successfully getting the sizing down, I sold a few more of these through Etsy. I loved seeing pictures pop up in my news feed of babies wearing my headbands. I eventually closed my shop though, because while this project was simple, others were not. I found it too time consuming to maintain my shop and fill custom orders. For the right babies though, I still think these are a beautiful gift!


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