Beautiful Skirt – Bad Zipper

Now that I feel like I’ve got a handle on my sewing machine, I bought a skirt pattern and some nicer fabric. I need to learn zippers, so this was my starting project for that skill!! As I measured and sized my skirt, I was baffled that my small frame seemed to need a size ten. Huh? Is this the opposite of vanity sizing? I forged ahead cutting to a size ten and sewed my panels together.

First Actual Pattern Skirt Panels


One thing I realized was that there was no way I would be wearing a homemade skirt without a slip. The white flowers on this fabric seemed very see through. I cut out a slip with the same pattern and tacked it in with the waistband. This all sewed together nicely, and the ribbon hid the seam attaching the slip to the skirt. It made the skirt fluffier and took care of the peek-a-boo issue I was having.

Slip and Waistband

I originally used a ribbon for my waistband.

RibbonThis caused a strangely loose and misshapen waist. I ripped that off and replaced it with a wide pink elastic band. At this point, the skirt was beautiful to me. I still needed to sew the final seam together and add the zipper though. I sewed that dang zipper in 4-5 times trying to get it right. It either puckered our stretched or was not straight. I finally gave up and have walked away from the project at this point. This is why:


I have no idea how to get this zipper sewed in straight. After I play around with zippers on other smaller cheaper projects I will try again. I’m going to give this skirt one last shot at survival in a few months. Mostly because LOOK HOW PRETTY:

My Skirt

Ok, I look a little disheveled but the skirt is adorable.

PS my cat Lucy thinks pattern paper is an awesome cat bed.



5 thoughts on “Beautiful Skirt – Bad Zipper

  1. I know zippers is something my mom, who is a fantastic sewer, struggled with for a long time. There were definitely garments she had to attempt multiple times. The skirt is adorable! And pattern sizing is always a treat. They never changed with vanity sizing.


  2. Oh it is so pretty, I hope you conquer that zip! Have you tried really hard to line the seams up first with the zip closed after stitching it to one side? Then pin, baste, check it’s right before you sew for good?!


      1. Yay 🙂 it’ll make it much easier to unpick IF you go wrong! Not to mention keeping it steady in place too. Good luck…


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