For My Niece

As I’ve said before, I have the sweetest little niece, Alice. After practicing my dressmaking skills on my neighbor, I turned my attentions to Alice. For this dress, I used the pattern and sizing chart posted by The Mother Huddle. Her tutorials are fabulous! Please check out her work.

For this dress, I bought a set of fat quarters that made me think of spring/summer. Bright, cheerful, and flowery. Perfect for a beautiful little girl.

Fat Quarters


As I worked on this dress, I wanted to practice my skills on making seams strong and durable. I sewed a straight seam on everything, followed by a zig zag stitch to cover the edges. Everything was then pressed so the seams all laid flat in one direction.



The one tricky part of this dress, for me at least, was the front seam. I wanted a front tying bow instead of side tying, which meant making a notch in my front middle seam. I mostly was worried that it would be uneven, off-center, or that I’d somehow have a weird gap in my stitching. Luckily, while it looked a little weird on the back, the front looked perfectly normal.

Front Seam

Once the front and back panels were all stitched together and seams pressed, I gave top stitching a shot. This was something that made me nervous solely because it would require perfectly straight lines. With these stitches being exposed, there’d be no hiding sloppy or crooked stitching! I’d say the lines turned out well, but I still need some work.

Top StitchingAfter getting the top stitching finished, I had to add the bottom. The front and back each got a separate band added on, pressed, and top stitched. With the front and back panels set, all that remained was sewing them together. And adding a bow. I wasn’t sure about the bow, so I tried this:

Brown Bow

Nope, that was ugly. So I added white to match the bottom panels. GLORIOUS!

Front Back

I absolutely love the way this turned out. I mailed it right out to little Alice, and once I know it fits her, she’ll be getting lots more from her favorite aunt. 🙂


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